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Top Tips for Employing a Builder

Top Tips for Employing a Builder

If you are thinking renovating your property, choose your team carefully. There’s more to engaging a building firm than flicking through a glossy brochure.

1. Be totally clear about what you want
What you would like and what is practical in building terms may differ slightly. It’s always useful to begin with a clear vision and let your builder work out how to make it a reality. But even if you can’t picture it, as long as you know what your objective is, your builder should be able to provide you with creative ideas and suggestions that will amaze you.

2. Don't just pick the first builder you come across
Get quotes from at least three builders. Not estimates, as this is a rough price that could change. Make sure the quote is in writing, with a breakdown of each job and the cost of materials.

3. Check the builder's insurance and references
It seems to make plain sense that a builder should have these, but not all do! Check before you commit to anything.

4. Agree the costs and how long the job should take
Agree with as much of the cost and work to be done as possible, and make sure to get this in writing to avoid legal complications should any problem arise.

5. Check if you need other professionals involved
You may need a surveyor or architect if you are carrying out work that needs planning permission, is major or has to meet building regulations. You’ll also probably need the services of other professionals, such as plumbers, electricians, tilers or plasters. Some building firms, like us, supply all these services, so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

6. Save time in your search for the perfect firm: ring us!
At Kimber, we are more than happy to pop round, assess what needs to be done, suggest improvements that you may not have considered and offer a transparent quote.